Leonardus Smits has built a reputation for delivering high quality,

Leonardus Smits Lawyer

Leo smits regularly represents businesses and individuals in commercial disputes pending in federal and state courts nationwide

Over more than 40 years, decades in practice, Leonardus Smits have seen unprecedented, unexpected – and frankly unbelievable changes to the legal landscape. Through it all, however, our firm has remained steadfast to the basic principles of honesty and integrity.


Leonardus Smits has built a reputation for delivering high quality, cutting-edge legal representation across a diverse range of practice areas. Our clients place great value on loyalty and longevity. Many select our firm because they trust our strength and stability. We are proud to still serve clients today that we began assisting decades ago. Leonardus Smits is longevity.

Leonardus served clients throughout Queensland, across the nation and around the globe. Leonardus  Smits is global.

Leonardus is an aggressive litigator, with the knowledge and experience to create leverage for your case.

Leonardus Smits practice focuses on commercial, Business,  real estate disputes, which typically arise out of the purchase, sale, leasing, secured lending, ownership and/or use of real property. Leo represents businesses, LLCs, partnerships and individuals in all phases of litigation, arbitration and mediation.

Leonardus Smits
Leonardus Smits

Education & Qualifications BA, LLB Sydney NSW Australia, an Australian Legal Practitioner, also admitted in the United Kingdom & Hong Kong, with additional experience in Fiji, Singapore, New Zealand, Kuwait and USA. Main Practice Areas Business and Corporate Affairs &…

Consultants & Associates
Consultants & Associates

Consultants & Associates   Our Consultants & Associates are highly experienced individuals with extensive legal and commercial expertise and experiencer. Leonardus Smits has access to dynamic teams of lawyers and financial and investment advisers with diverse legal and industry qualifications,…