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Gold Coast Commercial and business Lawyer Leonardus Smits

Leonardus  Smits  offers a broad variety of business and transactional services to companies, financial institutions, investors throughout the nation.

We provide counsel and strategic representation in a diverse range of practice areas, clients include businesses of all sizes, from entrepreneurs and early-stage startups to Fortune 100 companies operating in a wide cross section of industries.

40 years experience as promant lawyer . Leonardus Smits  is well-positioned to handle a broad spectrum of challenging legal issues.Our clients receive comprehensive, cost-effective representation at every stage of the legal process. Representation in complex and diverse real estate, commercial, employment and litigation matters. Leonardus Smith has established a strong reputation for helping small and mid-sized businesses, large corporations, banks, insurance carriers, public institutions and other entities across the nation navigate legal challenges of every kind – from the seemingly routine to the extraordinarily sophisticated. .

Leonardus Smits is  recognised as a Gold Coast dedicated lawyer committed to developing practical solutions that best serve his clients’ legal and business objectives

Leonardus Smits  meticulously investigate and examine every conceivable facet of a case to ensure a polished, and powerful, presentation that gives his clients the best possible chance of success.Unlike many larger firms, we are able to give clients the individualized attention they deserve throughout the course of our legal representation.

Our firm regularly defends large corporations engaged in class action lawsuits and multidistrict litigation. Many of our cases involve multi-million dollar claims and complicated questions of fact and law. Recognizing that lingering disputes cost our clients resources, time, and goodwill, our lawyers act decisively and effectively to resolve critical issues. We rise to the challenge to deliver assertive, creative solutions to difficult legal problems.

  • “Very pleased with the outcome, good work all round by Leonardus. Thanks again”

    Taylor Image PTY LTD

  • “Leo has been marvelous. I feel very supported. He is responsive and
    available and he delivers.”

    Kerry Dickson

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